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IT security and Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis is a process that helps you identify and manage potential problems that could undermine key business initiatives or projects. It can save save time, money, and reputations. To carry out a Risk Analysis, you must first identify the possible threats that you face, and then estimate the likelihood that these threats will materialize.

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blockchain technology

Northernminers is involved in blockchain technology in several ways, building customized mining rigs, selling hardware, operating mining pools and projects build on blockchain technology.


Let the experts do what they are meant to do. Your personnel is meant to evolve your business, not to struggle with IT. Release the power of your personnel today!

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A Company In The Northern Region
Cybersecurity made for every one!

Our method is built on ISO 27001, 27005, experience and knowledge that makes our method probably the most cost-effective for cybersecurity work.

With 10 years of experience in IT and IT security, Northern Miner's vision is to help companies raise their minimum security level, develop the IT environment and use the block-chain technology. The Northern Miners are approved for F-tax.

The customer in focus and customer satisfaction are the keywords that Northern Miners builds on its business.

  • Several years of experience

  • Invention of new purpose

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